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 DotA hero tip

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Junior Member
Junior Member

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PostSubject: DotA hero tip   Sun 03 Jul 2011, 4:40 pm

Earth Shaker. A versatile strength hero with 3 usable spells and can be played in 2 different styles. I will give u some tips on how to play Earth Shaker from the prospective of a Professional DotA player. All based on 5 v 5 matches..

Style 1 (Supporting Earth Shaker)
Start off items with 603 gold.
2 x clarity potions
1 x valve of healing
1 x smoke of deceit
2 x ironwood branch
1 x courier

Leveling your spells
Level 1 ( Fissure )
Level 2 ( Aftershock )
Level 3 ( Fissure )
Level 4 ( Enchant Totem )
Level 5 ( Fissure )
Level 6 ( Echo Slam )
Level 7 ( Fissure )
Level 8 ( Aftershock )
Level 9 ( Aftershock )
Level 10( Aftershock)
Level 11( Echo Slam )
Level 12( Enchant Totem )
Level 13( Enchant Totem )
Level 14( Enchant Totem )
Level 15( Bonus Attribute )
Level 16( Echo Slam )
Level 17 - 25 ( Bonus Attribute )

Supporting Earth Shaker will often move between lanes and usually will be bottom and middle lane. Players will often go with tri-lane tactic with shaker on their team as they can get kills with shaker spamming fissure and blocking paths of enemy heroes. Remember if you want to block heroes with fissure, do not click on the hero, instead click slightly behind the enemy hero to inflict damage,stun and also block his escape path. Then ally heroes can gank the enemy hero. always choose to gank the hero with lowest HP and click on enemy heroes to check their magic stick charges in order to get a sure kill. Smoke of deceit will come into use when shaker is moving between mid lanes so as not to alert the enemy hero in middle. If you do this right and timing is good you will have gold and level advantages compared to 3 enemy heroes that are taming tri-lane. Save up for Boots of speed and buy some smoke of deceit in between. Then save up for dagger so as to be of full assist during battles and also to catch enemy heroes from a distance.

(Tip given by Lu Yoke Mhar )
I will post the Play Style 2 tomorrow Very Happy
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The God Of MMOG
The God Of MMOG

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PostSubject: Re: DotA hero tip   Sun 03 Jul 2011, 5:03 pm

ahh nice guide Smile

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Hein Nanda

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PostSubject: Re: DotA hero tip   Mon 04 Jul 2011, 10:03 pm

Noobx wrote:

(Tip given by Lu Yoke Mhar )Very Happy

LOL! Whos the lu yoke mhar???? XD
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Junior Member
Junior Member

Posts : 8
Join date : 2011-07-02
Age : 30
Location : Myanmar

PostSubject: Re: DotA hero tip   Tue 05 Jul 2011, 6:30 pm

pro dota player.
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PostSubject: Re: DotA hero tip   

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DotA hero tip
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